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MEDICAL ASSISTANT_(Primary Care Health Centers)

City of Cincinnati

City of Cincinnati

Cincinnati, OH, USA
Posted on Saturday, November 11, 2023
General Statement of Duties

This employee represents the City of Cincinnati to customers and is responsible for responding to and processing patients, performing routine medical laboratory procedures in a health center. Employee interacts with customers in person, by telephone, by e-mail, or in writing while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction. Responsible for performing administrative and record keeping activities. Performs related duties as required.

Minimum Qualifications (KSAs)

(Illustrative only. Any one position may not require all of the listed KSAs nor do the listed examples include all the KSAs which may be required.)

Knowledge of

Basic mathematics.

Basic business English, including spelling, grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure.

Problem solving techniques

Methods needed to gather relevant information from callers by asking appropriate questions.

Software applications used for customer service and billing functions.

Safety policies and procedures, e.g., Employee Safety Instruction Manual and applicable agency requirements.

Skill to

Use and maintain medical equipment.

Give various types of injections/immunizations.

Sanitize or sterilize work area or instruments used in patient examination or in laboratory tests by using autoclave, laboratory dishwasher, disinfectants, or standard sterilizing equipment.

Perform and interpret routine clinical laboratory tests including pregnancy testing, urinalysis with microscopic examination, manual blood counts, hematocrit, gram stain, and wet mount microscopic tests.

Perform venipuncture and finger stick.

Set up an EKG (electrocardiogram) machine, prepare a patient for EKG, and give an EKG.

Prepare smears, samples, specimens, cultures, etc., for transportation to another laboratory for analysis sufficient to maintain the integrity of that which is being sent.

Operate a computer utilizing the appropriate software related to assigned area of responsibility.

Input appropriate data into computer system utilized.

Ability to

Communicate effectively orally and in writing.

Speak clearly and concisely using correct English grammar in order to communicate clearly over the telephone and in person.

Interpret and clearly explain procedures, situations, and policies to the public as well as to other employees.

Write legibly, clearly, and concisely using proper English.

Reduce a complaint or problem to writing for recording purposes.

Listen effectively.

Determine the nature of a problem based on the caller's information and to make decisions concerning referral of messages with limited information.

Prioritize calls and requests.

Perform mathematical calculations.

Organize work and follow directions, both oral and written.

Empathize with customers and communicate clearly in layman's terms.

Show sensitivity toward the needs of patients.

Manage patients with anxiety, mental illnesses, or mental retardation.

Handle difficult customers or situations in a calm and professional manner.

Work in a fast paced environment.

Work and make decisions with little supervision.

Required Education And Experience

Each applicant can fulfill the education and experience requirement through the completion of any one of the following:

  • An Associate Degree in Medical Assisting from an institution accredited by the American Medical Association's Committee on Allied Health Education and Accreditation is desirable. Required is the completion of a training program from an institution with the same aforementioned accreditation and the completion of the following course work: Anatomy and Physiology; Medical Terminology; Clinic Assessment Procedures (e.g., taking medical history and assisting in physical examination procedures); Routine Clinic/Office Laboratory Testing (e.g., phlebotomy, hematocrit, and pregnancy testing)
  • Certification as a Medical Assistant from the American Association of Medical Assistants.

Other Requirements

Some positions may require a valid Driver's License.

Some positions may be required to drive an RV type van.

Must be able to pay close attention to detail when performing precise laboratory procedures.

Must be able to effectively interact with patients sufficient to acquire information about them and to perform required clinical processes (e.g., venipuncture) to obtain blood samples and specimens.

Must be able to perform fine finger movements and possess a high degree of hand-eye motor coordination to perform precise laboratory tests.

Military Education & Experience Evaluation

Military education and experience may be substituted for college level course work at the lower and upper division baccalaureate and graduate levels and apprenticeship training at the vocational certificate level on a case by case basis based on the American Council on Education (ACE) Military Guide recommendations.

Working and Physical Conditions

Examples of Work Performed

(Illustrative only. Any one position within this classification may not include all of the duties listed nor do the listed examples include all of the tasks which may be performed.)

Schedules appointments; makes referrals to other health care providers; prepares (may include light typing) routine correspondence, memos, and reports; and prepares billing to patient and/or insurers.

Performs record keeping activities such as writing test results onto forms and logs; writes patients health medical history, nature of illness, injury or medical condition, and diagnosis and treatment onto charts, medical record keeping forms, insurance forms, etc.; maintains records and updates them.

Interviews patient or family member to obtain health/medical history to write onto various records, to provide information to physician about patient's medical needs, and to obtain information for billing.

Checks pulse, temperature, blood pressure, weight and height, and vision of patient.

Assists physician in examination and treatment of patients by: preparing treatment room; draping patients; positioning instruments and equipment; and by handing instruments to physician.

Collects various body samples such as blood, urine, or throat culture obtained directly from the patient through venipuncture or swabbing or by receiving from a physician or nurse.

Performs routine laboratory tests such as urinalysis, hematocrit, and pregnancy tests.

Prepares patients for and gives electrocardiograms.

Maintains work area in a clean and organized environment.

Inventories stock of supplies and equipment and orders when there are shortages.

Provides information and assistance related to health center services, activities, procedures, or other issues; responds to questions, complaints, or requests for service, and resolves customer inquiries relating to billing, billing adjustments, and/or other issues regarding health center services.

Operates a computer to input information from patient and to access patient records; creates, edits, compiles, manipulates, and retrieves files, databases, and create reports.

Takes and relays messages to doctors, nurses, supervisors, and other personnel by personal contact, e-mail, or telephone.

Reviews and completes as necessary forms, documents, or letters to establish new patients.

Collects patient's chart, pulls up information on the computer; confirms it is the correct patient and the insurance information is accurate; checks for current consent for treatment form; checks for proof of income and City residency.

Pulls patient's medical chart as needed; keep charts in proper order and the files themselves in good condition; file lab reports; complete immunization record requests; deactivate inactive charts.

Working knowledge of current safety policies, instructions for proper usage, and other procedures and professional practices required for completing job duties.

Identifies unsafe practices and conditions and brings such matters to the attention of the supervisor.

Conveys a positive image and handles a large volume of customers in a friendly, effective, efficient, and professional manner.

Probationary Period

Six months.

Supervision Exercised