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Executive Director - Western Wildlife Corridor

Green Umbrella

Green Umbrella

Posted on Thursday, May 11, 2023

Organization: Western Wildlife Corridor

About the position:

The executive Director will assist and  coordinate activities of Western Wildlife Corridor including fund raising efforts as described below. This full time position requires a qualified applicant to have relevant previous experience of 3 or more years and provide a proven track record in fundraising.  The  qualified applicant will have an interest in conservation, experience in public speaking, have good interpersonal skills and supervisory skills. An associate degree or bachelor degree is also desirable but not required for a very qualified applicant. A detailed resume is required, focusing on our key necessary experience descriptors outlined below.

Compensation and Benefits Salary will start at $80,000/year. Health insurance will be provided as well as a 2 week paid vacation. Bonuses will be given based on funds raised in a given fiscal year. If you are interested in applying for this position, please contact Tim at hikertim419@gmail.com


Core Necessary Experience:

-Proven Relationships with philanthropic individuals and organizations in order to effectively obtain support for WWC programs, projects and establishment of an endowment. 

-Knowledge and experience in fundraising theories, principles and procedures

-Experience in writing grant applications.

-Strong communication skills, including written, interpersonal, and verbal

-Excellent presentation skills

-Skills to motivate the committee members and board of trustees

-Computer skills and Microsoft Office suite proficiency

-Familiarity with tasks necessary to manage nature preserves and volunteers working on our preserves

-Familiarity with development of an annual budget and overall management of the fiscal operations of a small non-profit organization.


Western Wildlife Corridor Executive Director (ED) Job Description Specifics:

The ED is expected to identify and implement short- and long-term strategic goals, and to be accountable to the Board of Trustees for achieving those goals. Additionally, the ED coordinates with existing leadership to shape the future evolution of the Western Wildlife Corridor, including its programs and acquisitions.

The ED serves as the public face of the organization. They will be responsible for the fundraising efforts within the organization, building relationships with people and organizations and securing philanthropic support that helps to fuel programs or projects. This will include all fundraising activities including annual campaigns, one-time appeals, membership relations and promotion, solicitation of government grants, endowments, donations of land and special events, with a special emphasis on major and planned gifts from individuals, private/family foundations, and corporations.

The ED is responsible for coordinating the management of WWC preserves by the Land Stewardship Committee to assure that the main WWC goal, developing natural native nature preserves, is accomplished.


Core Accountabilities

1. Fund Raising a top priority:

*Cultivates and stewards major donor prospects, including individuals, corporations, and private family foundations. 

*Maintains a portfolio of individual major gifts, prospects and donors.

*Supports gift solicitations by Board and staff members and members.

*Supports the Board in the cultivation of major donors.

*Provides staff support and direction to Board fundraising and grant committees.

*Researches, locates and applies for appropriate grants with grant committee

*Leads fundraising and annual campaigns. 

*Each year will bring funds into Western Wildlife Corridor that are at least twice their annual salary.

2. Conservation and Land Protection, preservation and purchase:

*Ensures that the organization achieves its conservation mission in a highly strategic and focused manner.

*Assists the Land Stewardship Committee in efforts to build and nurture relationships with landowners, key stakeholders, and agency partners.

*Assists in management of the WWC conservation easements and fee lands.

*Assists in  habitat restoration projects. Works directly on habitat improvement as needed.

*Assists in the development of conservation plans that guide future work with Land Stewardship committee and board

3. Outreach

*Oversees all communications and outreach efforts such as community Outreach and Education programs regarding preserving and protecting native forests in corridor. 

*Works with Events chairs and committees

*Oversees and assists in the creation and production of all communications materials, including newsletters, marketing materials, and news releases.

*Establishes and maintains strong, positive working relationships with a wide range of partners and stakeholders.

*Represents the WWC to a variety of audiences, including volunteers, members, government agencies and officials, community leaders, and other partners to communicate the WWC vision.

4. Organization Management and Financial Responsibility:

*Assists treasurer and monitors an annual budget and provides overall management of the fiscal operations of WWC in cooperation with the Board Treasurer and the Finance Committee and the board. Ensures the preparation of cash flow projections.

*Ensures regular evaluation and reporting of budget results by the Treasurer.

*Monitors the systems that are in place for effective financial management, fundraising management, and conservation management.

*Monitors Board and staff compliance with all internal policies and procedures, legal requirements, and financial standards.

5. Staff and Board Leadership:

*Assists the Board in setting the organization’s strategic direction through the development and implementation of a strategic plan, fundraising plan, outreach and communications plan, and conservation plan.

*Serves as staff liaison to the Board of Trustees, including preparing materials for meetings, staffing Board committees, and assisting with special projects.

*Creates a positive working environment with Board and the Leadership of all Committees

*Recruits, orients, trains, motivates, evaluates, and recognizes Board members and others for their service.

*Recruits, trains, motivates, and evaluates staff.  we have one part time administrative staff person

*Monitors trends and organizational capabilities to ensure the strategic plan is current and accurate and that progress is being made toward plan benchmarks.

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