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Concrete Laborer

Jostin Construction

Jostin Construction

Posted on Thursday, July 13, 2023


Concrete laborers report to the site Superintendent and provide support throughout a construction project. The person in this position needs to have the ability to be flexible as this position may perform various functions throughout a shift. The person in this position will need to be comfortable working in a public setting and be willing to commute within a 125-mile radius of Cincinnati. Jostin requires all employees to work collaboratively as a team with other Jostin employees and trade partners.

Jostin is currently hiring for all three levels (1,2, &3) of Concrete Laborers. Please see the preferred knowledge, skills, and qualifications for each level below.


A Concrete Laborer 1 is often how many people start their careers at Jostin. Below are preferred knowledge and skills for a Concrete Laborer 1.


  • Knowledge of commercial concrete pump place finish
  • Knowledge of power tools
  • Knowledge of claw hammer and margin trowel
  • Knowledge of safety procedures and best practices on a construction site


  • Knock concrete down to grade (have an “eye” for grade)
  • Pull wire
  • Pick up company tools at the end of each day and clean
  • Spray water (mist slab and deck)
  • Rake concrete
  • Back up trucks to pump
  • Clean Pump pipe & clamps
  • General Clean-up
  • General knowledge of concrete tools – Trowel, Double Trowel, broom, rake, skreeders


A Concrete Laborer 2 should be as knowledgeable and meet the requirements of a Concrete Laborer 1. This person should also have the additional skills listed below.

Additional Skills:

  • Be knowledgeable of traffic control and truck hand signs
  • Prep machines for pour
  • Place Concrete
  • Ability to man hose and place concrete from a truck
  • Operate vibrator
  • Rake behind screeders
  • Rake concrete to grade


A Concrete Laborer 3 should be as knowledgeable and meet the requirements of a Concrete Laborer 2. This person should also have the additional knowledge and skills listed below.

Additional Knowledge:

  • Knowledge of hand float tool

Additional Skills:

  • Apply Cure
  • Operate Skid Steer
  • Operate rough terrain forklift
  • Set-up/run boom pump and line pump
  • Place concrete on grade
  • Manage labor crew
  • Have a certified rigger certificate
  • Be knowledgeable of pump and crane hand signals


  • Valid driver’s license
  • Ability to successfully pass a drug screening
  • The ability to work irregular hours including weekends when necessary
  • Arrive to work on time (Allow time for parking, gathering PPE, etc.)
  • The ability to work in various weather conditions for long periods of time
  • The ability to exert oneself physically over long periods of time without getting winded or out of breath
  • The ability to use abdominal and lower back muscles to support part of the body repeatedly or continuously over time without giving out or fatiguing
  • Willingness to commute within a 125-mile radius of Cincinnati
  • COVID vaccinations may be required at some job sites